Pedestrian Safety for Forklifts and Industrial Mobile Machines

Flow-Rite offers Seen Safety pedestrian safety systems that protect lives from forklifts and industrial mobile machines.

Every day around the world there are near misses or tragic accidents involving pedestrian workers and machines such as forklifts, wheel loaders and tele-handlers.

Managing the safety of people working near such heavy mobile equipment is stressful. The IRIS 860 pedestrian proximity sensor reliably and effectively transforms your workplace into a reduced stress free environment.

When you choose Flow-Fite for your workplace safety and storage solution, you will be supported through every step of the process, from discovery and design to implementation and follow up. We pride ourselves on versatility, systems integration, service, value, and professionalism.

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Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), estimates that the average cost of a lost-time injury ranges from $117,000 to $234,000 depending on the industry sector. Below is a breakdown of this figure:

  • $39,000-$78,000 in direct costs, such as premiums paid out by the WSIB and wage supplements covered by the employer.
  • $78,000-$156,000 in indirect costs to the company of the injured employee, including damaged property, hiring and training of replacement staff, administrative costs associated with injury investigations and compliance costs.

SEEN IRIS 860 Sensor

Transforms your existing high-visibility into part of an active detection system

The IRIS 860 sensors make pedestrian detection easy by detecting the reflective tape on high-vis safety vests and markers. If a pedestrian enters the critical risk zone they and the driver receive an audible alert.

Active Detection of Existing PPE

No tags required. Detects standard day/night high-vis vests and markers.

No Irrelevant Detections

Minimal nuisance alerts. Only detects people or objects tagged with reflective tape and only when they enter the customizable detection zone.

Reliable Detection

Tolerant from cold, dust, dirt, water, darkness, glare, shock and vibration.

Alerts Both Driver and Pedestrian

Strong audible alarm actively alerts operators and workers.

Easy Installation

Auto electrician install. DIY settings with free app. No IT integration required.

Low Cost of Ownership

Affordable to buy, no ongoing cost, no maintenance.

Download Seen Safety PDF Flier (750kb)

Seen Pedestrian Safety